Two-channel Solid-State Recorder/Player for Network Applications
The TASCAM HS-20 is a professional solid-state audio recorder and player built for the needs of network-connected installations. Reliable recording and playback can be controlled accessed and scheduled from an internet connection allowing remote access without visiting the site.

Recording and playback can be scheduled for automatic operation. A built-in FTP client and server are included in the HS-20 for either automated or manual file transfer and management. Record meetings classes or worship services on a regular schedule then automatically upload the recording to a server and delete the recording all without supervision. Or upload a new playlist for in-store music playback including promotional announcements all from a central location.

The HS-20 records to either SD Card or Compact Flash media at up to 192kHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV formats. Balanced and unbalanced connections are available on the rear panel as well as RS-232C Serial and Parallel connections for wired remote control. It’s built on TASCAM’s more reliable recording platform designed for broadcast use.

For automated recording or playback with network accessibility and control TASCAM's HS-20 is the only choice.

Automatic uploading function enables automatic uploading of recorded data
After completing a recording the HS-20 can automatically upload the recorded data to a designated server.
Various applications can be performed by combining this automatic upload function with recording/downloading events; for instance users can automatically upload files from a scheduled recording onto the server with the files being automatically retrieved from the server for playback or archiving.

SNTP client feature enables recording/playback/download control using event lists with accurate time management
The SNTP client feature automatically adjusts its internal clock via the internet meaning that recording playback downloading and other events can be executed at accurate synchronized times.
The recording/playback format supports BWF/WAV (playback only) and 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution recording/playback. SD/SDHC cards and CF cards are used for memory media.
The recording playback unit possesses a high level of durability that does not require maintenance due to its lack of moving mechanisms.

Professional quality 2-channel recorder/player equipped with network functions
The HS-20 is a professional recorder/player with an integrated professional stereo recorder/player that is high in both sound quality and durability.
Equipped with network functions the HS-20 can perform recording playback downloading and various other events automatically.

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