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A flexible cost-efficient content management solution for hotel displays – Use existing cable infrastructure to simplify in-room TV management.


Samsung’s LYNK REACH software is an embedded content management solution for the hospitality industry that uses existing coaxial cable infrastructure to help hospitality properties manage and deploy content on hotel guestroom TVs. In the past hotels enlisted personnel to visit each guestroom to perform system upgrades set changes and other maintenance but manual updates consume valuable labor and add to equipment and maintenance costs. These complications have resulted in an industry-wide misconception that digital TVs (DTVs) necessarily lead to higher operating budgets. Seeking to address those concerns Samsung offers property managers a combined software/hardware solution to easily and remotely managing guest room TV content :

LYNK REACH is Samsung’s specialized software solution for the hospitality industry which provides a simplified easily customized user interface. This software solution organizes and displays content such as hotel information images and logos using existing infrastructure.

LYNK REACH Serveris a dedicated server designed to run the LYNK REACH software solution that provides a straightforward way to manage several hundred hospitality displays remotely from one central location

LYNK REACH offers a range of important features designed to streamline hotel management
enhance efficiency and improve the guest experience :

Coaxial Infrastructure Compatibility: Using existing legacy IT systems hotel administrators can update and adjust TVs remotely to deliver a wider range of content over RF signals

Easily Customized User Interface (UI): Content managers can use LYNK REACH to design a content display screen that delivers up-to-date information in a visually appealing way.

Customised in-room content for specific audiences: Hotels can create display groupings with dedicated content announcements or channel listings for specific sets of guests.

Remote In-room Display Management Capabilities: Save time and resources by upgrading TV firmware delivering content updates and setting channel mapping with LYNK REACH’s efficient PC-based remote content management system.

Samsung’s LYNK REACH Servers enable in-room TVs to communicate with the hotel’s property management system (PMS) allowing the hotel to deliver important content to guests in the comfort of their hotel rooms.

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