Yamaha PX3 Power Amplifier

Since the 1976 release of the P2200 our first professional power amplifier we've strived to achieve the highest possible levels of sound quality power output and reliability in sound reinforcement studio and installed applications. The new PX Series power amplifiers continue this tradition of excellence utilising Yamaha’s renowned digital signal processing technology and unparalleled professional audio expertise to achieve a light durable design capable of delivering maximum output power to the speakers while simultaneously protecting them with optimized processing. Driven by a newly-developed Class-D amplifier the four new models that make up the PX Series are suitable for a broad range of sound reinforcement and installation environments.

PX Series models are driven by a newly developed Class-D amplifier engine that concentrates all the necessary functions into a single custom LSI chip and uses PLL technology to control transfer characteristics in real time achieving impressive sound quality and power. This new single-chip architecture offers higher output and improved performance in a more lightweight yet reliable design. A combination of cutting-edge technology and an exhaustive component selection process make PX Series amplifiers supremely efficient amplifiers with low noise reliable protection features and above all outstanding sound quality.

PX Series models come with flexible onboard PEQ crossover filters delay and limiter functions as standard allowing quick and easy system setup via the LCD display without the need for any additional outboard gear. All models also feature Yamaha’s intelligent D-CONTOUR multi-band dynamic processing allowing users to achieve consistent clarity and high-quality sound at any output level by tailoring the frequency response of each connected speaker for either front-of-house or monitor configurations.

To accommodate users with varying levels of sound reinforcement experience the PX Series offers both Basic and Advanced setup modes. Basic mode allows even inexperienced users to easily configure a system that meets their needs while Advanced mode offers experienced users more precise control over every aspect of their sound. All models feature eight programmable presets for instant recall and reduced setup time that can be saved to a USB thumb drive and shared with other PX amplifiers.

Equipped with both XLR and TRS inputs and binding post SpeakON and phone outputs PX Series amplifiers offer the flexibility needed for a variety of setups and environments and the durability to stand up to extended road-use thanks to the sturdy chassis and carrying handle design.

The Config Wizard allows users to save even more time during system setup by assigning optimized speaker settings that match your system configuration – simply select the appropriate filter and crossover for each speaker and Config Wizard will do the rest. Config Wizard also features presets* specifically tuned for each model in Yamaha’s extensive lineup of passive speakers including the popular CBR Club Installation and VXS/VXC series and an advanced modethat allows more detailed configuration of parameters such as input routing input sensitivity amp gain and speaker impedance.

PX Series amplifiers make it fast and easy to configure panel settings monitor amplifier status and transfer data via USB and also feature a panel locking function to keep your settings safe. Users can even export information such as internal device and log data to USB for rapid troubleshooting should difficulties arise.

*Presets may be added and updated in the future.

Single/ Pair Single
Power Output 300
Outputs 2
Weight 6.9 Kg
Dimensions W x D x H 480 x 388 x 88 mm
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