The UH-7000 is a pro-level microphone preamp and audio interface designed with a strong focus on low noise and high audio quality. Not only can this unit be used as a 4-in/4-out audio interface in a DAW production environment but as a standalone microphone preamp and A/D / D/A converter. The built-in HDIA (High Definition Instrumentation Architecture) microphone preamps are newly designed and perform at −128 dBu equivalent input noise a signal-to-noise ratio of 117 dB and distortion of 0.0009 % or less.

The grand nature of the UH-7000’s sound is partially due to the careful attention spent on selecting parts. In addition to Burr-Brown converters and metal thin-film resistors installed is a powerful TCXO clock generator with a precision of ±1 ppm.

The unit’s half-rack size makes it easy to install at a studio console or work desk. The thick aluminum panels used on the front and sides of the full-metal body help increase stability. Highly important but easily forgotten about are the smooth-tension aluminum input level knobs for precise level adjustments.

The UH-7000 microphone preamp and audio interface enables composers musicians and recording engineers to produce music in their private quarters at a level generally reached only in professional studios.

Main Features
• Top-of-the-line two-channel USB audio interface for Windows and Mac computers
• Can be used as a stand-alone high-end AD converter for monitoring or recording to stand-alone recorders
• High-performance mic preamp newly designed for this model reduces influence of impedance mismatch with high accuracy resulting in most accurate audio reproduction at the input stage
• Superb audio quality with samling rates up to 192 kHz at 24-bit resolution
• Ultra-high dynamic range of 123 dB (A/D) and 128 dB (D/A)
• Professional-grade PCM4220 A/D and D/A converters from Texas Instruments
• Selected components like metal film resistors and film capacitors for outstanding sound quality with minimum noise and distortion
• High-precision clock synchronization with sample-accuracy at both recording and playback
• On-board DSP mixer and effects like EQ compressor noise suppressor de-esser exciter and reverb (effects up to 96 kHz only)
• Two selectable mixer modes: Multi Track mode for DAW recording and composing: Create a monitor mix independent of the actual recording levels – Stereo Mix mode for internet broadcasting and video editing: Create a stereo mix of two different sources plus loop-back signal from the computer
• Mixer panel for intuitive mixing and effects handling on the computer screen
• Dedicated button for opening/closing the mixer panel on the computer
• Two large TRIM knobs for precise level adjustment
• XLR and TRS balanced analogue inputs
• Switchable 48-V phantom power on XLR inputs
• XLR balanced line outputs
• Line output level can optionally be adjusted with the headphones level control
• Output selector allows a source to be output via the unit’s mixer or via a computer connected by USB
• Powerful headphones output with dedicated level control
• AES/EBU digital I/O
• Low-latency monitoring
• Easy-to-read 20-dot LED level meter
• Aluminum front and side panels for long durability even under tour conditions
• Half-rack size

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